W & L International

Founded in 1992, W & L International (W & L) is a Canada-based hair pieces products company. As one of the leading distributors of designer wigs, hairpieces, braids, weaves, and hair extensions, W & L has been a reputable hair pieces supplier to the Canadian customers for 20 years. Since the company first established in Ontario, Canada, W & L customer base has expanded beyond the province of Ontario and into nearby provinces, including Quebec and Manitoba. In addition, W & L has successfully diversified the demographic of the clientele by adopting innovative strategies to attract potential customers from different cultural backgrounds. At present, W & L is serving at least 250 long-term customers in Canada.

The success of the Glamorous Collection, the signature products of W & L, demonstrates the company constant desire for quality and excellence. The hairpiece products distributed by W & L are made with 100 percent human hair, as well as high quality kanekalon and synthetic fibres. They are available in a variety of colors, lengths, textures and styles. In addition to the Glamorous Collection, W & L also offers the following fashionable sets of hairpiece products:

  • Amia Collection
  • Bliss Creation
  • Chio Temptation
  • I Love Series
  • Salut Collection

Every W & L collection aims to create a natural and stylish look, yet each of them has a unique spin of characters that meet different personal style and preference.

To maintain high standard of quality of the hairpiece products, W & L resolves to form a strong mutual relationship with the manufacturing facilities that are based in China. In particular, the company marketing and sales department and the manufacturers' research and development department maintain an open communication to ensure that any new product, style, and colour reflects the demand and the desire of the customers. W & L has the largest inventory with the warehouse located in the city of Mississauga, Ontario.

4 Nice Hair, W & L strive to offer Nice Style, Nice Color, Nice Fibre, and Nice Price.

Glamorous Collection Hair for Life